Upcoming Machine Rebuilds

If purchasing new equipment is not an option, consider investing in Toyoda's rebuilt machines. With decades of experience in rebuilding and remanufacturing, the Toyoda Remanufactured Products Division (RPD) refurbishes machines to OEM specification. RPD is capable of rebuilding nearly any make and model of grinding machine, from subassembly rebuilding to complete overhaul remanufacturing. Our trained team stands behind Toyoda's quality craftmanship with the engineering, knowledge, and service you deserve.

RPD's upcoming machine rebuilds include the following models:

Cylindrical Grinding Machine
RPD is rebuilding a GE4 cylindrical grinding machine with plain-head and a center distance of 39.4" (1,000 mm). The GE Series is an economically priced grinding machine for job shop operations.
GL4A-50 and GL4A-100
Cylindrical Grinding Machines
The GL Series of cylindrical grinding machines are for dedicated processes in high-production environments. Both of these GL4 machines have angled-head configurations. The GL4A-50 has a center distance of 19.6" (500 mm), and the GL4A-100 has a center distance of 39.4" (1,000 mm).
Cylindrical Grinding Machines
The GL5 is a cylindrical grinding machine for dedicated processes in a high-production environment. This machine is offered in plain-head configuration and has a center distance of 12.6" (320 mm). 
Hydraulic Cylindrical/Universal Grinding Machine
These Toyoda's general purpose grinding machine offers simplified manual operation. The GOP32-100 has center distance of 39.4" (1,000 mm).

For inquiries, contact Chris Koch at (248) 320-4026 or Shane Farrant at (847) 354-1931.

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