Turret Configurations
Turret Configurations

Designed for extreme rigidity through its wide and heavy build, large couplings, and enhanced clamping pressure.

Powerful Spindle
Powerful Spindle

Taiwan Takisawa manufactures and designed their spindles with a double row of cylindrical bearings allowing extra heavy duty cutting performance, with an optional ZF gearbox for high torque applications on some models.

Single Piece Solid Casting
Single Piece Solid Casting

All 3T machines feature a one piece casting – with high damping coefficients to ensure the best accuracy results.

Takisawa Taiwan Turning Centers

Takisawa Taiwan offers a broad range of turning centers with advanced technological features to provide its customers solutions that will maximize productivity and still offer exceptional value.

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Stealth EX Series

Takisawa Taiwan Stealth EX-108: With a price of $69,000*, Toyoda's Exclusive Horizontal Turning Center is built for high speed production featuring linear guide ways, 20 HP spindle, an 8” chuck, and a special one piece thermally balanced bed designed with a 30° slant.

(*Machine pricing advertised represents standard configuration of the Takisawa Taiwan NEX-105 machine.)



    Max. Swing 18.89" (480 mm)
    Max. Turning Diameter 12.6" (320 mm)
    Max. Turning Length 18.9" (480 mm)
    Max. Bar Capacity 2.5" (65 mm)



    X Travel 7.08" (180 mm)
    Z Travel 20.8" (530 mm)



    Spindle Speed 4,000 RPM
    Spindle Nose A2-6
    Spindle Motor 20/15 HP (15/11 kW)
    Chuck Size 8" (203 mm)
    Max. Bar Capacity 3" (76 mm)



Multitasking Turning Centers

Takisawa Taiwan CNC machine tools includes a range of multi-tasking turning centers perfect for completing both milling and turning operations in a single set-up. With machines that offer options like two turrets, a sub-spindle, and/or Y-Axis turning you are guaranteed to find the right machine to exceptionally reduce your production time, increasing the productivity of your business.

EX-500 Series
Specializing in complex machining, the EX is capable of multi-axis machining with twin spindles and linear guides.

FX Series
Heavy duty twin turrets and highly rigid twin spindles make the FX the perfect machine for short cycle times and high volumes.

MX Series
Opposed left and right spindles and turrets allow independent machining by each spindle/turret system with interchange between the systems to reduce cycle times for highly complex machining.


    Max. Swing  20.4" (520 mm) to 23.6" (600 mm)
    Max. Turning Diameter 10.2" to 14.9" (260 mm to 380 mm)
    Max. Turning Length 15" to 25.9" (380 mm to 657 mm)
    Max. Bar Capacity 1.65" to 3" (42 mm to 75 mm)



    X Travel 7.09" to 8.5" (180 mm to 215 mm)
    Z Travel 18" to 29.5" (455 mm to 750 mm)



    Spindle Speed 3,500 RPM to 6,000 RPM
    Spindle Nose Flat 140 to A2-6
    Spindle Motor 15/10 HP to 30/15 HP (11/7.5 kW to 22/11 kW)
    Chuck Size 6"-10" (152 mm to 254 mm)
    Max. Through Hole Diameter 2.48" to 3" (63 mm to 76 mm)


Horizontal Turning Centers - Boxway

Takisawa Taiwan horizontal boxway turning centers offers a broad range of rigid and dependable machines for powerful applications. It is built with rigid boxway design for all machining axes.

LA Series
The LA model is designed with a high performance spindle and modulized structure with optional live tooling, C axis, Y axis, or sub spindle.

LS Series
All LS series CNC lathes features a fine ground precision gearbox that allows high cutting torque and accurate surface finish with larger workpiece capacity. These machines offer additional options such as live tooling, C axis, and Y axis.

TX Series
These heavy duty machines offers superior strength and power ideal for massive components similar to the oil and gas industries.

  • Max. Swing 18.5" to 44.1" (470 mm to 1,120 mm)
    Max. Turning Diameter 9.8" to 35.4" (249 mm to 900 mm)
    Max. Turning Length 11.8" to 175.7" (300 mm to 4,464 mm)
    Max. Bar Capacity 2" to 10" (52 mm to 254 mm)


  • X Travel 6.9" to 20.6" (175 mm to 524 mm)
    Z Travel 14.7" to 179" (375 mm to 4,550 mm)


  • Spindle Speed 900 RPM to 3,500 RPM
    Spindle Nose A2-6 to A2-20 
    Spindle Motor 15/10 HP to 75/60 HP (11/7.5 kW to 55/45 kW)
    Chuck Size 8" to 32" (203 mm to 813 mm)


Horizontal Turning Centers - Linear Guide

The horizontal turning centers with linear guideways offers faster feed rate and acceleration in its class for high-speed production.

NEX Series
Offers a maximum spindle speed of 6,000 RPM and fast indexing capabilities to increase uptime and productivity.

Featured Product: At $51,000*, the NEX-105 is designed with perfectly balanced integration of controller, servos and mechanics, the NEX-105 offers the best solution for small batch production of complex parts. Latest generation of super rigid guides give longer sustained accuracy and greater metal removal alongside fast rapid traverse rates reducing non-cutting time while increasing productivity. (*Machine pricing advertised represents standard configuration of the Takisawa Taiwan NEX-105 machine.)

EX Series
The EX series features built in direct drive spindle and live tooling capabilities.


    Max. Swing 13.8" to 24" (350 mm to 610 mm)
    Max. Turning Diameter 9.45" to 15.7" (240 mm to 400 mm)
    Max. Turning Length 13.8" to 28" (350 mm to 710 mm)
    Max. Bar Work Capacity 1.7" to 3" (43 mm to 3 mm)



    X Travel 5.51" to 9" (140 mm to 230 mm)
    Z Travel 13.77" to 28" (350 mm to 710 mm)



    Spindle Speed 3,500 RPM to 5,000 RPM
    Spindle Nose Flat 140 to A2-8
    Spindle Motor 10/7.5 HP to 30/20 HP (7.5/5.5 kW to 22/15 kW)
    Chuck Size 6" to 10" (152 mm to 254 mm)


Vertical Turning Centers

Takisawa Taiwan vertical turning centers are designed for mass production and reduce cutting times for automotive parts such as brake discs, brake drums, hubs and valves.


    Max. Swing  23.6" to 52.3" (600 mm to 1,330 mm)
    Max. Turning Diameter 18.1" to 47.2" (460 mm to 1,200 mm)
    Max. Turning Length 16.4" to 39.4" (416.5 mm to 1,000 mm)



    X Travel 10.4" to 25.6" (265 mm to 650 mm)
    Z Travel 18.5" to 44.9" (470 mm to 1,140 mm)



    Spindle Speed 850 RPM to 2,500 RPM
    Spindle Nose A2-8, A2-11, 380 Flat
    Spindle Motor 30/35 HP to 60/70 HP (22/26 kW to 45/55 kW)
    Chuck Size 12"-32" (304 mm to 812 mm)