• Toyoda's Multitasking Horizontal Machining Center is the first in the world to equip a skiving function to a general purpose horizontal type machining center to achieve mass production of gear parts. The GS700H offers improved productivity and flexible machining through high speed cutting and integrated gear part processes of lathe, gear skiving and machining center capabilities. Offering continuous machining on the shop floor, the GS700H ultimately reduces equipment and cutting tools utilized.


    X,Y, Z Travel 35.4", 33.5", 35.4", (900 mm, 850 mm, 900 mm)
    Rapid Feedrate 20 m/min (X); 36 m/min (Y,Z)
    Y-axis Travel (spindle head) 59.01” (1,500 mm)
    Tilt axis (A axis) Swivel Angle 100° (+5 ~ -95)
    Spindle Nose Shape BT No.50 (Opt. HSK-A100)
    Tilt Axis (A axis) Rotating Speed) 6 min-1
    Spindle Speed  50 ~ 6,000 min-1
    Spindle Drive Motor (short/cont) 30 HP (22 kW)
    Rotating Speed (workpiece axis) 1,000 min-1
    Rated Output (workpiece axis) 67 HP (23 kW) / 50 HP (17.5 kW)
    Torque max. / cont. (workpiece axis) 1,106 ft-lb (708 Nm) / 1,500 ft-lb (960 Nm)
    Max. Workpiece Diameter 27.56" (700 mm)
    Max Workpiece Width  19.68" (500 mm)
    Max Workpiece Mass  1,212 lb (550: chuck-200, workpiece-350 kg)
    Tool Mass 59.52 lb (27 kg)
    Tool Storage Capacity 40 Standard (Opt. 60, 120)
    Floor Space (L x W) 204" x 244" (2,200 mm x 6,200 mm)




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Unparalleled Results For The Most Intricate Gears

With its extremely fast skiving technology and control, Toyoda's Multitasking Horizontal Machining Center, developed in-house, produces unparalleled results for gears having internal and external teeth for stringent concentricity requirements.

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Rigid & Rotational Accuracy

Synchronous axis motion paired with Toyoda'sGC70 run 11,000 axis positioning calculations per second alongside the Gear Skiving's responsive 5th axis table - resulting in higher quality and module gears.

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