• The FH550S is a high-speed horizontal machining center featuring a 15,000 RPM spindle, tool-to-tool cycle time of 2.4 seconds, and a rapid feedrate of 2,362 ipm (60 m/min). These features provide excellent vibration dampening capabilities and efficient machining in a small footprint.


    Pallet Size 21.65" x 21.65" (550 mm x 550 mm)
    Table Index Full NC table (360,000 positions)
    X-axis Travel (column) 29.52” (750 mm)
    Y-axis Travel (spindle head) 31.50” (800 mm)
    Z-axis Travel (work table) 33.46” (850 mm)
    Maximum Work Load on the Pallet 1,760 lb (800 kg)
    Available Spindle (1) CAT #40 30HP 15,000RPM (0-15,000 in 1.9 sec)
    Available Spindle (2) CAT #50 30HP 15,000RPM (0-15,000 in 2.6 sec)
    Rapid Feedrate (X, Y, and Z axes) 2,362 ipm (60 m/min)
    Tool Storage Capacity 60 Standard (121, 200 Optional)
    Standard Floor Space 284" x 126" x 126" (7,197 mm x 3,182 mm x 3,180 mm)
    Standard Net Weight 35,200 lb (16,000 kg)





    Linear Position Accuracy ± .00012" (.003 mm) full stroke
    Linear Repeatability ± .00008" (.002 mm)
    Rotary Table Index Accuracy ± 7 arc seconds
    Rotary Table Index Repeatability  ± 3.5 arc seconds



    Hydraulic Oil Mobil DTE Oil Light (14 gal)
    Slideway Lubrication Mobil Vactra #2 (.76 gal)
    Spindle Bearing Lubrication Mobil Velocite #6 (.76 gal)
    Spindle Cooling Mobil Velocite #3 (5.3 gal)
    Table Lubrication               Mobil Gear 600 XP 150 (.79 gal)
    Air Source 56 ~ 70 psi (4 ~ 5 kgf / cm²)
    Power Capacity (Machine Wired: 208V - Transformer Not Included) 52 kVA


Motion Detected

Toyoda's proprietary thermal displacement sensors adjust for ballscrew heat expansion during machining. This technology maintains your tight tolerances for each and every cut.

Warming Up is for the Competition

Toyoda’s patented bearing preload allows machines to begin cutting when they are turned on – no warm-up time required. This same technology allows our machines to run 24/7, without worrying about overheating during production.

Increase Uptime and Keep Production Moving

Increase uptime with Toyoda’s patented replaceable spindle taper. Instead of replacing the entire spindle, switch out the taper and resume production.

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