• The GE3 is an economically-priced cylindrical grinding machine for job shop operations. With a small footprint, it features the patented TOYODA STAT® BEARING and floating plate to ensure high accuracy and positioning.


    Swing Ø 7.9" (200 mm)
    Distance Between Centers  9.8" (250 mm)
    Weight Capacity 44 lb (20 kg)
    Maximum Load Between Centers 6,500 SFPM (30 m/s)
    Optional Wheel Surface Speed 8,860 SFPM (45 m/s)





    Toyoda GC50 conversational controls
    Graphical user interface
    64 program capacity with external USB hard drive
    Integrated can cycles
    Maximum 15 points for wheel dressing


User-Friendly HMI

Our grinding machines use Toyoda’s own conversational controls. In a convenient touchscreen panel, operators are able to program at the machine. 

Accurate by Design

Toyoda’s floating plate absorbs movement in the ballscrew to maintain grinding accuracy and positioning.


The Daily Grind for Years to Come

The TOYODA STAT® BEARING uses a hybrid of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic technology to eliminate metal-to-metal contact inside the bearing. This allows your grinder to run at top performance longer than your typical spindle bearing.

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Long Spindle Life

The patented TOYODA STAT® BEARING uses hydrostatic technology to eliminate metal-to-metal contact between the wheel spindle and the bearing. This exclusive technology allows for many years of trouble-free precision performance.

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Solid Construction

Toyoda grinding machines are made of stress-relieved cast iron that utilizes an FEM design for optimum thermal stability and vibration dampening.

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Toyoda Conversational Controls

Our grinding machines use Toyoda’s own GC50 conversational controls. This technology gives the operator straightforward data entry capabilities in a convenient touchscreen panel.

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Full-Machine Enclosure:

SBS Wheel Balancing:

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