• The MG840 is universal, moving gantry machine for ultra-heavy applications requiring tight tolerances. This machine features roller guides for speed, twin linear scales for positioning accuracy, and an ergonomic design for easy operability. The option of additional heads can give this model five-face machining capabilities.


    Table Size 315" x 149.6" (8,000 mm x 3,800 mm)
    X-axis Travel  315" (8,000 mm)
    Y-axis Travel  157.5" (4,000 mm)
    Z-axis Travel 39.4" (1,000 mm)
    Optional Z-axis Travel 47.3" (1,200 mm), 55.2" (1,400 mm)
    Maximum Table Load 1,680 lb/ft2 (2,500 kg/m2) 
    Spindle Drive Motor  35 HP (26 kW) for 30 min. / 30 HP (22 kW) cont.
    Spindle Output Torque 545 ft-lb (740 Nm)
    Spindle Taper CAT50
    Spindle Speed  6,000 RPM
    Spindle Type Geared head
    Rapid Feedrate (X axis) 394 ipm (10 m/min)
    Rapid Feedrate (Y axis) 590 ipm (15 m/min)
    Rapid Feedrate (Z axis) 472 ipm (12 m/min)
    Tool Storage Capacity 32 Standard (60 Optional)
    Standard Floor Space 562" x 298" x 165" (14,275 mm x 7,560 mm x 4,200 mm)
    Standard Net Weight 257,941 lb (117,000 kg)



    Machines are manufactured by WELE Mechatronics, a Toyoda Strategic Alliance Company, sold and serviced by Toyoda Americas and authorized resellers.


Fully Programmable Five-Face Machining

Increase your machining capabilities and flexibility. Five-face machining is an automated system option that reduces the number of setups needed and allows machines to cut in full five-face machining with standard five-degree indexing and optional one-degree indexing on the head.

Full of Features

Toyoda’s progressive filtration system for coolant through spindle prevents clogging and reduces thermal expansion, while high-quality THK roller guides provide stability without sacrificing speed. 

Heavy Cutting Capabilities

A Meehanite cast iron base and dual bridge columns provide excellent vibration dampening during large-part machining for rigid, precise cuts.

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Ergonomic Work Area

The control panel can be easily maneuvered to give operators better visibility of the workpiece and accessibility to the spindle.

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Solidly Constructed

The MG Series features a robust cast iron base and modular table designed to withstand heavy load capacities without sacrificing rigidity.

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Head Storage System

This machine can be equipped with additional headstocks for five-face machining. The optional storage system prevents chip and dust contamination for up to five automatic headstocks.

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