• The SB416 is fixed rail bridge machine designed for heavy cutting applications. This machine features roller guides, a hydraulic counterbalance system on the headstock, and a powerful spindle. These features allow for highly precise and accurate cuts without sacrificing speed.

    The SB416YM model has extended Y-axis travel with five-face machining capabilities to allow for the machining of complex workpieces. This machine features automatic tool changes in the vertical and horizontal orientations and offers automatic clamping of the headstock. Headstock options include 30 degree, 90 degree, extension, and manual universal.



    Read: Rigidity, Reliability of Machines Aid In-House Production
    “The first is dependability,” explains Bob Standridge, owner of Standridge Color Corporation on their Toyoda bridge mills. “Their uptime is better. The second factor is dimensional stability. It might take three cuts on another machine to remove the same amount of metal as one cut on a Toyoda.”


    Table Size 157.4" x 59" (4,000 mm x 1,500 mm)
    X-axis Travel  159.8" (4,060 mm)
    Y-axis Travel  63" (1,600 mm)
    Y-axis Travel for -YM Configuration 90.5" (2,300 mm)
    Z-axis Travel  31.5" (800 mm)
    Distance Between Columns 66.9" (1,700 mm)
    Maximum Table Load 26,450 lb (12,000 kg)
    Spindle Drive Motor  35 HP (26 kW) for 30 min. / 30 HP (22 kW) cont.
    Spindle Output Torque 461 ft-lb (626.2 Nm)
    Spindle Taper CAT50
    Spindle Speed  6,000 RPM
    Spindle Type Geared head
    Rapid Feedrate (X axis) 787 ipm (20 m/min)
    Rapid Feedrate (Y axis) 945 ipm (24 m/min)
    Rapid Feedrate (Z axis) 590 ipm (15 m/min)
    Tool Storage Capacity 32 Standard  (60, 90, 120 Optional)
    Standard Floor Space 404" x 183" x 173" (10,250 mm x 4,650 mm x 4,400 mm)
    Standard Net Weight 64,000 lb (29,000 kg)





SB-YM Bridge Mill
Advanced Control System

Heavy Cutting Capabilities

A Meehanite cast iron base and dual bridge columns provide excellent vibration dampening during large-part machining for rigid, precise cuts.

Full of Features

Toyoda’s progressive filtration system for coolant through spindle prevents clogging and reduces thermal expansion, while high-quality THK roller guides provide stability without sacrificing speed. 

Fully Programmable Five-Face Machining

Increase your machining capabilities and flexibility. Five-face machining is an automated system option that reduces the number of setups needed and allows machines to cut in full five-face machining with standard five-degree indexing and optional one-degree indexing on the head.

Keep It Under Cover

A full-enclosure option is available for all bridge machines. Contain coolant and filter out chips for more effective machining in a cleaner environment.

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Ergonomic Work Area

The control panel can be easily maneuvered to give operators better visibility of the workpiece and accessibility to the spindle.

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Powerful Controls

These Fanuc controls come with more options as standard, giving you greater machining flexibility.

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Solid Construction

The SB Series features a massive single-piece, high-grade cast iron base and dual bridge columns.

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Robust Guideways

Cylindrical roller guideways are proven to have better vibration dampening capabilities and are able to accelerate faster than their ball guideway counterparts.

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