• The HB1620 is a horizontal boring machine featuring a solid cast iron base, cylindrical roller guides, and backlash-free design on the B axis. The robust quill spindle provides stability for heavy-duty cutting, while the unique counterbalance system on the headstock ensures accuracy.


    Table Size 63" x 78.7" (1,600 mm x 2,000 mm)
    X-axis Travel  118" (3,000 mm)
    Y-axis Travel  82.6" (2,100 mm)
    Z-axis Travel  59.1" (1,500 mm)
    W-axis Travel 27.5" (700 mm)
    Maximum Table Load 26,455 lb (12,000 kg)
    Spindle Drive Motor  35 HP (26 kW) for 30 min. / 30 HP (22 kW) cont.
    Spindle Output Torque 876 ft-lb (1,188 Nm)
    Spindle Taper CAT50
    Spindle Speed  2,500 RPM
    Spindle Type Geared head
    Rapid Feedrate (X and Z axes) 590 ipm (15 m/min)
    Rapid Feedrate (Y axis) 472 ipm (12 m/min)
    Rapid Feedrate (W-axis) 197 ipm (5 m/min)
    Rapid Feedrate (B-axis) .8 RPM
    Tool Storage Capacity 40 Standard (60, 90 Optional)
    Standard Floor Space 295" x 267" x 175" (7,500 mm x 6,772 mm x 4,436 mm)
    Standard Net Weight 79,200 lb (36,000 kg)



    Machines are manufactured by WELE Mechatronics, a Toyoda Strategic Alliance Company, sold and serviced by Toyoda Machinery USA and authorized resellers.


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Ergonomic Work Area

The control panel can be easily maneuvered to give operators better visibility of the workpiece and accessibility to the spindle.

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Powerful Spindle Capabilities

This quill spindle utilizes a dual, hydraulic counterbalance system on the headstock to ensure high rigidity and stability for heavy cutting applications.

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Robust Guideways

Cylindrical roller guideways excel in high-speed applications that require more stability than typical ball bearings provide.

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