Matrix Magazine

  • The matrix magazine is an auxiliary tool storage unit that increases the machine’s standard capacity to up to 504 tools. Ideal for workpieces requiring many unique tools or multiple backup tools, this unit eliminates unnecessary trips to the tool room.


    Maximum Number of Tools 504
    Tool Taper 40 Taper or 50 Taper
    Maximum Tool Length 21.7" (551 mm)
    Maximum Tool Weight 59.4 lb (26.94 kg)


One Step Ahead

Toyoda's four-position tool change revolver allows for multiple tools to be pre-loaded near the machine, greatly reducing the time it takes to retrieve tools from the magazine. This unique feature also saves time for drilling and tapping applications that require two to three tools to be repeatedly changed throughout a production cycle. It's our way of ensuring you're one step ahead in cutting down cycle times. 

Simplified Tool Loading

Toyoda's five-tool load station cuts time from production and keeps spindle utilization high. This feature allows the operator to load tools while the machine and magazine are in use, saving time and making loading new tools easy. 

Live Tool Monitoring

All matrix magazines offer Toyoda's live tool monitoring software. It works dynamically, automatically detecting broken and worn tools and bringing them to the unloading station. This system uses a touchscreen interface to monitor the specifications and life of every tool in operation, making it easy for the operator to manage the inventory of tools in the machine. 

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Large Storage Capacity

The magazine not only supplies a greater variety of tools to a machine, but it allows operators to store redundant tools for lights-out production and fewer trips to the tool room.

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Easy Replacement of Tools

The five-tool loading station ties into the control system so operators can replace worn and damaged tools without interrupting scheduled magazine operations.

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Fast Tool Changes

Toyoda’s unique four-position tool turret reduces the tool change time to that of the machine itself, giving operators the ability to stage tools for sequential machining for a more efficient operation.

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