Compact Matrix Magazine

  • The compact matrix magazine is an auxiliary tool storage unit that increases the machine’s standard capacity to up to 304 tools. Ideal for workpieces requiring many unique tools or multiple backup tools, this unit eliminates unnecessary trips to the tool room. The magazine has a relatively small footprint, allowing for increased tool storage while saving space on the shop floor.


    Maximum Number of Tools 40 Taper: 304 Tools
    50 Taper: 180 Tools
    Tool Taper 40 Taper or 50 Taper
    Maximum Tool Length 21.7" (551 mm)
    Maximum Tool Weight 59.4 lb (26.94 kg)
    Maximum Recovery Time 14 seconds
    Maximum Tool Transfer Time 7 seconds


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Space-Saving Design

The compact matrix magazine houses a large array of tools in a relatively small footprint.

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Large Storage Capacity

The magazine supplies a greater variety of tools to a machine in a compact design.

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